The Bowden House Community is a group of families and individuals developing conscious, authentic and eco-mindful living.

We enjoy a culture of singing, meditating, working, gardening, celebrating and learning together, as well as hosting events for the wider community.

Some things that inspire us:
• Developing our resonance with each other and our
• Singing together.
• Authentic communication.
• Coming together to share our feelings and challenges, and
resolve any conflict.
• Living in a beautiful place in touch with the spirit of the
• Growing some of our food.
• Developing skills for sustainable living.
• The alchemy of doing things together.
• What we discover through our journey together and how
this helps us to grow.
• Respect for individual spirituality and different
approaches to life.

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2-bed Ground Floor Flat

Two bedroom ground floor flat with small private garden area including sitting space, raised beds, and woodstore. Open plan L shaped living, dining and kitchen with wood fired "Iron Heart" range.

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