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seed sowing January and February 2017

all modules 40x40 x50 except where otherwise stated

24 jan red onions Carmen 2  77 module trays in Wye vale compost 

27 jan red onion carmen 1 tray in sylvagrow compost full germination  -  total number germinated from both sowings by 10th feb 228 modules

9 Feb beetroot Boltardy - 2 trays in Sylvagrow 144 modules - patchy germination (sowing depth?)

9 Feb Parsley flat leaf 1 tray in Sylvagrow 77 modules

9 Feb Parsley curled 2 tray in Sylvagrow 144 modules

10th Feb broad bean Witkiem 19 seeds in 7.5cm pots New Horizon

10h Feb broad bean Aquadulce 10 seeds in 7.5cm pots New Horizon

16th Feb 18 modules of spring onions Lisbon white 10 to a module

16th Feb Lettuce Freckles 144 modules - good germination

20th Tomatoes Bush Grushovka 19 beginning to appear by 27th feb

20th Tomatoes Bush Uribikanky 20

20th Tomatoes Vine Russian Purple 19

23rd Coriander 49 modules

23rd Spinach Matador 2x 77

23rd Leeks Caratan  Bleu de Solaise   Avano all in deep boxes wiith home compost under and New Horizon on top

23rd First planting of Potatoes Nicola beds 7&8 in Walled garden

23rd Beetroot Boltardy 1x77 module sylvagrow ( because of patchy germination of first sowing)

27th Chard Fordhook giant 2x77 modules

27th Chard Pink Passion 1x 77 modules

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