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Sowing and transplanting in March 2017

9th March sugar peas 1/3bed in L polytunnel - severe rodent damage very few survived

9th March transplanting tomatoes in to 7.5cm pots

13th  March Climbing french beans Abundance in 7cm pots x 42

14th March Beetroot Boltardy Real Seeds 1 tray x77 multisown 3 to a module - excellent germination

14th March 2017 Leeks Musselburgh Tuckers 1 tray module x77 multisown with 3 seeds per module

14th March 2017 Leeks Musselburgh Tuckers medium fruit box 3 rows + 2 litre pot of thinly sown seeds

20 -23rd March Transplanting tomatoes into 1litre pots

20th - 22nd March Transplanted Red Onion Carmen - looking short of nutrients after 8 weeks in 'Wye vale' compost 12 into 7.5cm pots the rest (65+84 ) put out in prepared bed under glass cloches - We also had a tray of 77 planted a few days later in 'Sylvagrow' which look much better - transplanted 11 to the same bed and 6 to 7.5cm pots to compare

22nd March Transplanted beetroot seedlings ( chase organics) very poor germination 45/144 - writing to draw their attention to this!

23rd March transplanted 60 spinach into r poly tunnel

24th March Lettuce Little Gem module x77 in New Horizon 2 seeds per module

26th March Basil Giant lettuce leaf part module

26th March transplanted spring onions and dill to L polytunnel

28th March transplanted coriander to L poly next to dill

29th March transplanted chard to beds 18 & 19 walled garden

29th March 2nd sowing  climbing french beans 19 7.5cm pots

sugar pea in gutter

2nd sowing sugar snap peas in gutter

red cabbage x77

brussel sprouts doric x 77

brussel sprouts devon hills x77

basil sweet genovese

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